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The Carefree Water Company is proud to introduce our new website.  We will soon be adding new features and information to this site to help keep you up to date.

The Carefree Water Company is wholly owned by the Utilities Communities Facilities District headed by our water board members who are the 7 elected councilmen of the Town of Carefree.

Be sure to monitor the Meetings Page and Council Chambers bulletin board for upcoming meeting dates and times.



Because our water delivery system has different pressure zones controlled by pressure pumping systems, pressure regulating valves or gravity flow from elevated water storage facilities we recommend that a pressure regulator and a check valve be installed between your water meter and the inlet to your home. This will protect your in home water services from variations in pressure or water draining from your water service as a result of a mechanical failure of the distribution system infrastructure or from repairs to our distributions system as a result of water leaks or construction damage to our water lines. These devices need to be maintained and checked for proper function.


Experience has shown that they begin to fail between 5 and 8 years after installation.

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