Carefree Water Company

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Water Company Meeting Agendas

Carefree Water Company Meetings are held at the time listed below:

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at the Carefree Town Council Center,

33 Easy Street, Carefree, AZ 85377

Document Library

DocumentAgenda 06-05-2018UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 06-05-2018 4:00PM
DocumentAgenda 08-07-2018UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 08-07-2018 4:30PM
DocumentAgenda 11-13-2018UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 11-13-2018 4:30PM
DocumentAgenda 01-15-2019UCFD-Carefree Water Executive Meeting Agenda 01-15-2019 3:00PM
DocumentAgenda 01-15-2019UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 01-15-2019 5:00PM
DocumentAgenda 06-04-2019Town of Carefree-UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 06-04-2019 4:00PM
DocumentAgenda 11-05-2019UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 11-05-2019 4:00PM
DocumentAgenda 06-02-2020UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 06-02-2020 4:00PM *VIA ZOOM
DocumentAgenda 12-01-2020UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 12-01-2020 4:30PM *VIA ZOOM
DocumentAgenda 02-09-2021UCFD-Carefree Water Executive Meeting Agenda 02-09-2021 3:30PM *VIA ZOOM
DocumentAgenda 02-09-2021UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 02-09-2021 4:00PM *VIA ZOOM
DocumentAgenda 03-16-2021Town of Carefree-UCFD-Carefree Water Executive Meeting Agenda 03-16-2021 4:00PM *VIA ZOOM
DocumentAgenda 03-16-2021Town of Carefree-UCFD-Carefree Water Meeting Agenda 03-16-2021 4:30PM *VIA ZOOM